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Following the contemporary new concept of permanent jewellery, SWeld Forever Jewellery offers bespoke welded bracelets to signify the endless bond of any relationship. Think of it as the ultimate friendship bracelet.

Choose from our range of 9ct Solid Gold or Sterling Silver chains to become a permanent piece of your jewellery collection.

Whether it's for you and your soulmate, a mummy-daughter date, or your best group of friends, SWeld offers a permanent memento for you to share - or treat yourself, just because.

SWeld is a small family business run from our welcoming home workshop. We are located in Annan, Dumfries and Galloway, making us South Scotland's first Permanent Jewellery Bar.




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choose your chain

Select one of our 9ct Yellow Gold or Sterling Silver chains.

See pricing below

The pERfect fit

Your individual size will be measured for your bracelet to fit comfortably and beautifully.

ADD A CHARM (optional)

Choose a 14ct Gold-filled or Sterling Silver charm which may be personalised with complimentary stamping.

See pricing below

Get forever-welded

Your chain will be permanently fused using the latest Micro Welding technology. This is 100% safe. Each SWeld process takes approximately 15 minutes.

Our Chains

Choose which chain and material best suits your style. All of our 9ct Yellow Gold and Sterling Silver is of the highest quality to ensure it will last forever.

Each chain is aptly named after a Scottish Island. Choose your favourite to 'mix or match' with your nearest and dearest.

You may wish to add to your SWeld collection by visiting us again to stack different chains - this especially suits those who struggle to commit to just gold or silver!

Optional charms may be added. Our range of 14ct Filled Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver and Zirconia charms start from £10.

Jura | 9ct Solid Yellow Gold | Bracelet £90 | Anklet £100

Canna | 9ct Solid Yellow Gold | Bracelet £80 | Anklet £90

Islay | 9ct Solid Yellow Gold | Bracelet £80 | Anklet £90

Orkney | Sterling Silver | Bracelet £75 | Anklet £80

Fair Isle | Sterling Silver | Bracelet £60 | Anklet £65

Staffa | Sterling Silver | Bracelet £60 | Anklet £65

Bute | Sterling Silver | Bracelet £60 | Anklet £65

Skye | Sterling Silver | Bracelet £55 | Anklet £60

Iona | Sterling Silver | Bracelet £50 | Anklet £55



Life's precious moments should be celebrated with luxury. SWeld offers to bring the splendour of unique jewellery to your chosen private event or venue.

Whether it's a big birthday, anniversary, bridal shower or even a cosy girls'-night-in, SWeld provides a lasting keepsake of your special occasions. We supply everything required and only ask for a minimum of 4 guests. To book or for further information, please

If you prefer, we will happily host your SWeld party at our home workshop where you can enjoy a complimentary glass of Prosecco while you pick out your favourite chains with friends.

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Wedding Service

Our Wedding Service offers a special way for you and your bridal party to honour and remember your Wedding Day.

SWelding will be carried out at your chosen venue - we can attend bridal showers, the 'night before' or the 'morning of' the Big Day - providing a keepsake of your unforgettable day (once the wedding hair and make-up have been washed away).

We will liaise with Bride and Groom to facilitate your preferences and budget. Discounts on listed prices may be available for larger group bookings.

Bride and Groom

Commemorate the start of your journey as husband and wife. Like a wedding ring - that you can't take off!

Mother of the Bride

Signify the last moments of sharing a last name with your longest best friend - your mum. Bracelet charms may be personalised with initials of the precious family name you are leaving behind, and to celebrate the new one you are taking on.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available.

Email SWeld to purchase a voucher - vouchers may be posted to you or sent electronically.

If you wish, you can also book a date in advance of gifting your voucher to coincide with the surprise.

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Get in touch for more info



07791 655276


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What if my chain pops off?

In the unlikely event that your jewellery breaks, SWeld offers to reweld chains free-of-charge (up to 2 free re-attachments) as long as the chain has not been twisted or stretched.

Are there any group or age-restrictions?

SWeld can accept in-house bookings up to 8 people and party bookings (at your venue) up to 12 people. Minimum age is 8, under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

Where is SWeld's home workshop?

43 Butts Street


Dumfries and Galloway

DG12 5BD

We are located in Annan in South-West Scotland, near Gretna Green. Find us on Google Maps or contact SWeld for further directions.

What payment methods can I use?

SWeld accepts cash, credit/debit card, Apple Pay, contactless and Bacs bank transfer.

Will my jewellery cause issues at airport/security?

No, because the chains we use are non-magnetic and dainty, they will not cause any issues.

What if I want to take my bracelet or anklet off?

While our jewellery is designed to be forever, if you do wish to remove your jewellery, the chain can be broken with a sharp pair of scissors. If, for any medical reason, you need to remove your jewellery, revisit SWeld and we will reweld your bracelet for free.